Masking her Texas accent while traveling the globe, you’ll likely hear Jaime throw in a y’all every now in then. She loves all things luxurious, colorful, and delicious, so this blog is dedicated to reviews of travel locations, hotels, restaurants, products, experiences, and beyond.

Jaime first studied Liberal Arts + Political Science and received her Bachelors from Texas A&M University. Routinely asked about her photographs and travel logistics, Jaime created Sunscreen Required in 2009. After taking a short hiatus from blogging for her professional career, she reopened Sunscreen Required with an renewed emphasis on bringing the world to her followers.

In her first years blogging, Jaime partnered with luxury travel brands such as Paul Gauguin Cruises, Canavas Oia Hotels, Napa Valley Tourism and beyond.  “My ultimate goal is to tell a story through pictures. It’s an incredible gift to transport readers from their day to a land far away.”

Jaime and her husband, Dan, make their home in Houston, Texas, with their baby dog, Dakota. While they’re away, you’re likely to find Jaime shopping for local treasures, or photographing the details, and you’ll find Dan droning away for just the right shot, or analyzing various craft beer options at the local pub.


All photos are their own, as Jaime travels with her iPhone and Nikon cameras, and Dan travels with his GoPro and Mavic Pro drone.

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  1. Diane Richer says:

    Love it, Jaime!

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