city guides.

patrick’s tour.

10 on tuesday- bora bora edition.

le meridien tahiti.

Paul Gauguin Cruise Review

vegas= happy place.

separates vs. packages

10 on tuesday- vegas edition.

sneak peek- sinsgiving.

vdara- oasis in the desert. 

sunshine and purple teeth.

not all vineyards are created equal.

wolverine bit the bullet.

a taste of the valley.

wine road weekend.

party in the garden.

moving beyond boxed wine.

arctic tundra.

windy city- chelsea edition.

dublin on my mind.

leprechauns, brits and trolls.

long day, long haul.

we’re hopping the pond.

henley vs. the americans.

london calling.


2 thoughts on “city guides.

  1. have you been to puerto rico ?? i am friends with your dad tom emerson he is so proud of you iam leaving the 1 week in april want to hang at agreat beach with a ***buget thanks connie

    1. Hi Connie! Not sure what your itinerary is, but make sure you check out Pine Grove Beach by the hotels. It’s great for swimming and is close in proximity to Old San Juan. There is also an island, Vieques, off the cost of Puerto Rico that has amazing beaches! It is accessible by a ferry. My personal recommendations are for Parrot Club food in Old San Juan (get their mojitos!) and also the Bacardi tour! Have fun!

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