an afternoon quickie.

Just a little afternoon quickie–I found this article while I was researching my Vegas post from Wednesday. USA Today’s Travel Blogger discusses Caesar Entertainment’s plans to build a Ferris Wheel LARGER than the London Eye. Really? I guess there will need to be a 3rd sequel to the Hangover that will include Phil scaling the structure while being chased by the bolsheviks. Coined “The High Roller,”  the new project will be located behind the (infamous) Flamingo Hilton and Imperial Palace hotels and will anchor a new open air promenade area.

It is set to open in 2013 and will include (what I am guessing to be) incredible views of the bright neon lights of the strip. Even better, each “cabin” will hold up to 40 people and is likely allow reservations for birthday partys, bachelor(ette) parties, weddings, etc.

high roller

USA Today Article and Caesar’s Entertainment Press Release

Will you ride the new “High Roller” in Vegas?

(pictures courtesy of Caesar’s Entertainment)


Side note: I got my big girl camera in yesterday. I am so uber excited about it and cannot wait to try it out in Napa. And I’m even more excited to say that I’ll only be posting my vacay pics on here now and not on FB– my ploy to get more of you to subscribe and comment. Ha. 

Happy Friday, everyone!

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  1. Lise says:

    Honestly that looks pretty cool! But I may wait a few years after it opens to let the (surely) outrageous prices for a rental drop. Not to mention ensure that nothing else “drops” that isn’t supposed to :) Cool find!!

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