sneak peek- guest blog

There are people that you see in photographs and you instantly know you’d be friends, without even really knowing them–

My guest blogger this week is the one and only, Julie Wilhite. I met this incredibly talented photographer when she walked into the showroom for her then “day job.”  Being in the same building, we routinely made lunch dates, would break them, and then after months of trying, finally made it happen. Over pad thai and dumplings, we became fast friends– just as I suspected.

Julie is an extremely gifted wedding/event photographer based out of Austin, and I have long adored the magic she creates with her camera. I often joke and say I wish D and I could get married again, so that she could shoot our wedding. In fact, Julie did our anniversary shoot last year and came up with some of beautiful images.

So today’s sneak peek is her trip to South Africa. Check out a preview of her vacation in Polaroids and stop by tomorrow for the full post! Until then, check out her blog with some of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen.


© Julie Wilhite Photography, All Rights Reserved

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