guest post part deux: south africa

After many, many hours in the air getting to South Africa and then many, many hours in the car driving to Kruger National Park…you can imagine our euphoric feeling of relief and happiness when we finally arrived at our camp. We stayed at Letaba and although I thought we would be “roughing” it in the bush, the house ended up being huge and incredibly comfortable and plush.  Just what we needed as ground zero as we cruised through the park looking for animals during the day and braaied (South African BBQ) by night.

It rained quite a lot on our first day in the park. At first, we sighed with our unluck, but it turned out to be the best thing to happen to us. It had not rained in the park for 6 months and the animals found the rain rejuvenating and fun.  This meant we saw more animals than we ever even dreamed!  Rhinos, Buffalos, Monkeys, Hippos, Elephants, Giraffes, Kudu, Springbok and a Lion actually feasting on a recently killed Buffalo.  Craziness!


We had a family of springbok (antelope) that lived in our yard…

safari3.jpg20091121Africa085b_b.jpgI know these are a little graphic, but I could not help but share. It was absolutely jaw-dropping to watch. I felt like I was watching Planet Earth!  I have a video, but I will save that for the individuals with strong stomachs :)



We also had a family of Vervet monkeys that visited us one morning. While I was still scrounging for coffee, Evan grabbed the top shot – love it!


Sunset safari…

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  1. Go South Africa :)

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