pg refurb= success.

The Paul Gauguin was beautiful even before Pacific Beachcomber decided to do a little makeover to the the ship. Yes, the carpet was a little warn and yes, there were a few tattered table cloths in the dining room, but nothing unsightly.

This refurbishment makes me that much more excited to embark on our 10 day trip in July. 110 DAYS! I know, that’s too far out for a countdown, so I’ll spare you.

Check out the images of the PG’s “new do” that was recently finished after a dry dock and some big bucks.

And check back on some of my old post about our time on the PG.

ms paul gauguin– heaven found.

10 on tuesday– bora bora edition.

Enjoy and happy Friday!

photos courtesy of PG Cruises’ facebook page.

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