bring the valley to home.

It’s easy to take a mundane week night and make it into something glamorous. Such was the case last Thursday when we brought a taste of the Napa Valley to home.

One of our favorite experiences in the wine country was when our industry friend setup a tasting at the super remote Krupp Brothers Vineyard. The property is so remote that the directions include instructions such as “measure exactly 3.46 miles from the turn off” and “take a left at the large boulder.” I may be exaggerating a bit, but certainly not much…

Either way, the people at Krupp, the breathtaking views and of course, the wine was a huge hit with out group.

So when I saw that the wine maker, Tres, would be visiting Houston and hosting a wine dinner at Ouisie’s Table, I knew D and I would happily drive ourselves in from the “burbs” for the experience. And it was well worth it!

Please excuse the garbage quality of my pictures– I was more focused on the beautiful wine and savory dinner courses!

So when you’re out of vacation days or just don’t have any free time to get away (or even if you do!!), keep in touch with your favorite locales. You never know when they’ll be hosting an event near you!

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