meet pablo.

It’s officially wedding week!

I’m pumped.

But before I go into detail about our upcoming trip, I’d like you to meet Pablo, better known to most of the world as Paul.

I don’t have an adolescent memory that doesn’t include Paul. The details as to how we became great friends routinely escape my memory, but I know for sure our friendship blossomed over morning conversations in the Revere Middle School hallways. Those mornings turned into weekends watching Twister and filming music videos around his family’s pool. Those videos are locked away, safe from embarrassment over the “awkward years.”

*UpdateThanks to Pablo, these videos are now available:

Paul was my date to our 8th Grade Formal…

He’s been to basically all of my Halloween, New Years Eve and birthday parties over the last 14 years…

And thanks to Paul and his incredible family, I’m addicted to cruising– my first cruise was with them:

Paul is so smart– he is a technology guru (one of the best, in my opinion), and also a handsome, thoughtful, fun person. To this day, I’m excited to call Paul my friend.

So, it was equally exciting when our group heard about Cody, Pablo’s new love. I knew immediately that he had to be someone really special to capture the heart of my friend.

And Cody was every bit as amazing as Paul told us he was.

Cody is a great person and such a blast to be around. He laughs at my jokes and sometimes unsavory comments (no wonder I love him!!) and is a planner, like me. Cody and Paul travel the world together and really look out for each other.

So here we are, on the cusp of the weekend Paul and Cody tie the knot. I could not be more excited to make the journey to Vermont and watch two amazing and special people say their vows.


Check back next week for the images of their sure-to-be-beautiful wedding. I cannot wait to spend the long weekend with this fabulous couple, their family, and our awesome group of friend!

Love and Happy Travels!

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  1. Steph Kitsos says:

    I will second that notion that Paul is an AMAZING person!!! So happy for him and Cody!!!

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