I’m giddy with excitement– seriously, I’m bordering on 6 year old the night before Christmas kind of excitement. My co-workers ask me when I leave and I have to stiffle a shrill of elation.

Finally, after planning, and booking, and paying and day-dreaming, our Tahitian vacation is here. Mañana. Tomorrow. 

If you are unfamiliar with my adoration of the French Polynesian islands, see some of my old blog posts on Tahiti.

MS Paul Gauguin

Elmo= Drink Master

Le Meridien 

D and I have 11 blissful days sailing through the crystal clear water, dining on Poisson Cru and sipping iced cold Hinano on board the Paul Gauguin. The PG is one heck of a cruise ship– actually, I’d venture to call it a large yacht– complete with impeccable service and exotic ports.

If the ship wi-fi allows, I’ll post a “pic of the day” here for my beloved followers.

Until next time, nana and maruru.

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  1. Wow! What an amazing place this must be!
    Some day we will stay in a resort like the one in the top photo. Cant wait to get back to the tropics again…

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