tahitian sneak peek.

D and I are finally home from our beloved Tahiti. And while I did come back relaxed and a nice shade of bronze, I also came back sick. I’m pretty sure spending 18 hours of travel time behind the “iron curtain” (i.e. first class), has something to do with my incessant hacking. I may have Moorea’s revenge and need to go back as soon as possible. 

Either way, here’s a sneak peek from our third annual pilgrimage to the South Pacific. Far, far away from your troubles… no worries, no cares.

Those are 15 of the first ones I’ve had a moment to look at. Hopefully I’ll uncover a few (hundred) more of the 2500 I took. Check in next week as I go through each location we visited in French Polynesia and the Tuamotus.


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