it’s b’s wedding!

Tomorrow is wedding day! I cannot believe it’s finally here.

My sweet friend Brittany is getting married tomorrow to a wonderful man– someone who makes her happier than I have ever seen her.

Brittany and I go way back– we were on dance team and then cheerleading together in middle school– back in the days when bangs and The Backstreet Boys were in. We spent every spring break at the beach in Galveston singing songs at the top of our lungs and laying out even if it was raining…

We spent Halloween dressed like our favorite celebrities…

And were on dance again in High School….

Over the years, I got to know Brittany very well. She was beautiful, fun and above all, loyal. I can remember when one of us would go through a break-up with someone we thought we were destined to marry, and the other would pick-up the phone and say, “get your butt dressed-up cute and we’re going out!” We would dance our sorrows away at Storm and together, we would mend the pieces, all while strengthening our friendship.

Then came graduation, and my best friend and I headed off to Texas A&M. We were both thrilled to go there and even more excited to be going together…

We spent Thursdays at crush parties or at Ptarmigans, weekends at Aggie Football and there may or may not have been a time we faked illness from exams to drive to St. Louis to watch the Astros in the NLCS…

And eventually, Brittany was by my side when I married D.

While we watched our friends get married, Brittany held on, knowing that her Mr. Perfect was out there somewhere waiting for her…

Sure enough, she found Christopher.  Tomorrow is the day my childhood best friend will marry the love of her life and I could not be more excited for her.

To Britt, thank you for sharing such a huge part of my life. It wouldn’t be the same without you, and I can only hope to have a heart half as big, loving and loyal as your’s. You are a truly beautiful, talented and special person to so many. I am honored to be your friend and your bridesmaid.

Enjoy every moment of tomorrow. :) LOVE!!

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