excessive baggage.

I wouldn’t consider myself a tarmac queen, but I would say I’m a seasoned pro when it comes to flying. In fact, I was THRILLED when the TSA tried to institute the beginner, moderate and expert security lines. I was equally thrilled to hear that Spirit Airlines is now charging for people’s carry on baggage.

Ever since the airlines started charging for checked bags, cheap Joe Blow has decided to squeeze his duffel bag full to the brim and shove it in the overhead compartment. Not that this is a truly insane issue, BUT it does make it difficult for people like me who have a large purse as a carry on. As Sarah would say from the movie Just Married, “Back OFF STEW!” I’m not about to check my purse.
You may be saying, well you could put it under the seat in front of you… GREAT IDEA! Normally, not a problem. However, being the seasoned traveler that I am, I know how to work a few systems (or I did, until Continental got a new CEO… that’ll be a whole other post!). I am always able to get the bulkhead row, thus eliminating my storage space. Not only does every over-packed Joe Blow take up my space, but they also cost the airline and passengers precious time and money while they hold up the lines trying to figure out what to do with the array of shit they just HAD to have while on their trip.
Alas, THANK YOU SPIRIT AIRLINES, and every other one that follows suit afterwards. Let’s all take a little more time in our packing efforts…

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