I’ve dreamed. I’ve saved. I’ve planned…. I’ve crossed into single digits.

I cannot even begin to describe what a huge deal this is. D and I went to Tahiti on our honeymoon almost 5 years ago and ever since we have planned to go back. You may or may not be familiar with Tahiti, but it’s not cheap. Not only because everything has to be imported from a bazillion miles away, but also because their currency is linked to Europe (think French Polynesia). No bueno (or however you say that in french).  One thing you have to know: I ALWAYS find a way to make things happen.  So almost a year ago, we booked the Paul Gauguin Cruise around the Tahitian islands.

We finally have only NINE days left. It has felt like an eternity, but half the fun of travel is planning for it.

An important fact for those who want to travel but say they can’t afford it right now: You’ll never be able to if you don’t make the effort. D and I make travel our priority.  We would never be able to take a trip like this on a whim. However, with careful preparation, research and thought we’re making this dream our reality.

Here are some pictures of the Paul Gauguin and the islands we’ll be venturing to. I am almost beside myself to be able to share them with you and say “I’ll be on THAT beach soon.” ahhh.

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