review of the week.

I was elated when I recieved an email this morning from saying my review of Paul Gauguin was chosen as 1 of 5 reviews of the week! To say it’s an honor is an understatement. Out of thousands of reviews submitted, mine was selected. While I don’t believe it was anything over the moon, I do believe that accurately reviewing your travel expericences is uber important! Just think: What would you do without all of the kind people letting you know what is great (and more importantly, what’s garbage!!) when you are researching. I urge you to take a moment and write down your favorite and least favorite parts of every trip you take. It will help everyone in the long run!

Happy Travels!

View my complete review below, or published on Cruise Critic:

Paul Gauguin: The Luxuriously Thinkless Way to Explore Tahiti

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