i’m pinned to pinterest

I cannot tell you how often I am surfing the web, only to find my original thoughts are no longer in the proverbial ocean ( i.e. I have self-diagnosed ADD and it got the best of me).  Basically, I went to Amazon.com to look at cameras and the next thing you know, I’m printing a recipe for Hot Mozzarella Caprese Dip. I  have no idea how this happens.

Enter: www.Pinterest.com

This awesome website allows you to “Pin” things that you see on websites that you want to go back to and share. Think of it as an amazing “Bookmark” bar. You are able to setup “boards” or categories, and place things into these virtual buckets. I have setup a few categories, such as Home,  Recipes and Get Your Travel On. Anytime I see an article or picture I want to save, I “Pin” it and get to pick the category it goes into. The best is, when you are looking for a new amazing recipe or beautiful beach, you just log in to Pintrest and find exactly what you are looking for!

As with everything in my life, I am using this website to further my travel obsession. For each trip I take, I create a board to help me navigate all of the sights, restaurants and hotels that I want to see.

Basically, Virtual Organization has kicked into high gear with Pinterest!

Happy Pinning!

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