life is better with a beach view

We’ve all seen the quirky signs at our local home decor store. Think “Life is best by a beach”. “Beach House Rules- Relax. Relax. Relax.”

The one thing I know is that I NEED a beach in my life. Currently, I am only able to get to the kinds of beaches I like once or twice a year. Yes, I know I live by Galveston, but that doesn’t count as a beach. Anyway, lately I’ve been daydreaming what it would mean to pack up our house and move to the Virgin Islands. D and I have decided to be “D.I.N.Ks.”– Double Income, No Kids. The fun of this lifestyle, (while some would argue void of many happiness-es) is that we can feasibly pack up and move to exotic places like that. We travel wherever our hearts desire, skip Disneyland, drink to much, sing too loud, eat at fine restaurants. We can go on a whim (at least when our favorite dog kennel will keep our baby!) to anywhere. You get the point.

So I’ve started looking into moving to the Caribbean. My favorite islands that I would consider living in are the U.S. Virgin Islands, preferably St. Thomas or St. John. I figure both are easy to get to, especially with my home base being Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, and being as they are U.S. Territories, not much is required to actually move. I could do wedding/event flowers for local resorts and also run a boat business like this one:

Lion in Da Sun

But most importantly, I could look at this everyday:

Instead of this:

What do you think? Where would you move or what would you do if you had nothing holding you back?

Until then, Happy Daydreaming.

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  1. Michelle Z says:

    Sounds like heaven! You move and we’ll come visit :)

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