photobooks: save the memories

How often do you have your great camera out, snapping image after image of your amazing vacation, only to get home and upload them into the black hole that is your computer? It’s more often than not that these images fall into the abyss, never to make it further than an upload to Facebook.

A great way that to make use out of the captured photo memories is to make a photobook through one of the many sites on the internet. Whether you choose Shutterfly, MPix, Picaboo or one of the many others, your images will be saved in a beautifully customized, bound book… and they look fabulous all on a book shelf together! Basically, a visual reminder of all of the money you spent! Just kidding.

Here are some of the ones I have created using Shutterfly (and I’ll even through in a view of the Seattle canvas I had made for the house.) Best of all, if you sign up for these website’s email clubs, more often than not you get great coupons to save some money! I would say there is nothing more lovely than filling you home with memories for your special times!

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