i daydream in turquoise.

When I can’t decide where I want to try out next, I often find myself browsing Trip Advisor’s Traveler’s Choice lists. Heck, even when I just need a good day dream. Today it’s 2011 Best Beaches! My goal is to someday say I have been to all of the locales that made the list. While they are  all fabulous, I have to disagree with Bora Bora being #14. I’m pretty sure the New Jersey Tourism Board paid TA off to get as high up as they did.  Have you been to any of the beaches on this list?

Check back next week! I’ll be doing a full review on the islands of Hawaii. Everything from off-the-beating-path restaurants, hotels superb enough to be movie sets, and how to really get islander experiences.

Until then, enjoy Trip Advisor’s list of best beaches:

See the Full List HERE.


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