dublin on my mind.

Every year, D and I try to travel for Thanksgiving. Packing our bags for Turkey Day started a few years back, but has become quite the time for us to travel. Not only because it’s a holiday, but mostly because in the world of working young professionals, you don’t get a ton of vacation time. We are able to pick a destination and have a substanital amount of time there without taking a ton of vacation days! It’s perfection in my book.

The last few years we have done Las Vegas. While I’m a insanely crazy MAJOR Vegas advocate, it’s gotten fairly expensive. We like the nice hotels, celebrity chef restaurants and headliner shows.  So this year I have been searching for alternatives to the neon light-fueled, champagne brunches.

Enter: TravelZoo.

I LOVE when they send me a “NewsFlash” email. If you aren’t familiar with them, the Newsflash email is some crazy good deal they found and thought you should take advantage of. I just happened to browse their website and saw a deal to Dublin for Thanksgiving! Low and behold, it was for prime travel season, leaving the dates D and I love to depart and return. Perfection. Even better was that it included round-trip airfare from JFK in New York to Dublin, and 4 nights in a hotel for $499. Seriously?? All I have to do is get to NYC?

Here’s the deal if you’re interested! Dublin for Turkey Day

What do you and your family do for Thanksgiving? Do you have any recommendations for a unique Turkey Day experience?




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