a taste of the valley.

Don’t get me wrong, clearly I love the wine. But half the fun in Napa Valley is the beyond amazing food. In fact, I have been craving it all since we got back.

I’ve always known that Texas (particularly Houston) wasn’t all that into healthy eating. That fact resonerated in California, where every place we visited had their own organic gardens, freshly picked produce and abundant citrus trees… even off-the-tree bay leaves! Silverado Brewery for goodness sake even offered fresh and delicious options beyond the typical fried onion rings. Maybe if we ever got some rain here we’d be able to grow amazing crops, too!

I have resolved to try and eat healthier. Not only for me, but because it’s good! I seriously had some of the best food in my life there and it was all locally grown, fresh and *gasp* vegetables!

Here are some pictures of the amazing culinary options in the Valley. A few of them were from beautiful pairings at Seghesio and Signorello Vineyards. The colors, salads, meats and even cocktails were impeccable. Enjoy!

And yes, I know not all are healthy– hey, I was on vacation afterall!

And in case you aren’t hungry enough after all those images, check out the websites where these amazing creations came from:

Signorello Vineyard- Enoteca Experience

Robert Sinskey Vineyard

Brix Restaurant

Solbar Restaurant

Silverado Brewery

Oxbow Farmers Market

Do you have a favorite restaurant or meal anywhere in the world? Leave me a comment to check out your favorite place!

Happy Tuesday!

PS- and something seemingly unamazing that meant so much to D and Joebo:

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