wine road weekend.

If you’ve never been to Napa Valley or Sonoma before (or even if you have), Wine Road Weekend is the perfect time to visit.

Last year Dan and I joined our friend, Katharine, in the valley for some barrel tasting. The weather was perfection, and getting to hop from winery to winery was a blast. Each participant planned events to entertain their guest; everything from live music, to pulled pork sliders and other food, to multiple barrel tasting.

*please excuse the head on a stick. That is our friend and Kat’s husband, Saad, who couldn’t attend at the last minute. He was there in spirit and picture!*

Here’s the places we visited while in wine country last year:

Hotel: Solage Calistoga

Restaurants: Rustic, Sol Bar, Fremont Diner, Calistoga Ranch

Spa: Solage Spa for a Mudbath

Car Service: NVTT

Vineyards: A. Rafanelli, Bella, Coppola, Lynmar, Hook and Ladder, Seghesio, Round Pond, Alpha Omega, Pahlmeyer

And for some other info, check out some of my previous posts on wine consumption :)

moving beyond boxed wine.

a taste of the valley.

sunshine and purple teeth.

wolverine bit the bullet.

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