10 on tuesday– vegas edition.

I’m back to posting– just haven’t really felt inspired lately. In honor of our upcoming Vegas trip, I wanted to do a 10 on Tuesday for all the must see things in Vegas. So here we go!

As always, in no particular order…

10.) Visit the new City Center.

From hotels like Vdara, Aria, Cosmopolitan and Mandarin Oriental to shopping, restaurants and shows galore, this is the new “it” place on the strip. Situated perfectly between Bellagio and the Monte Carlo, The City Center complex is an architectural dream employing sustainability alongside amazing design. Read more here.

9.) Stand on the glass at GhostBar.

Off the strip but no less exciting, lies that Palms Hotel and Casino. Perched atop the hotel is the famous Ghostbar with their tasty cocktails and all encompassing view of the strip. But the real show-stopper is the glass pane floor which is really a ledge over the side of the building. Between the view of the 55 floor drop and the heavy breeze coming off the mountains, Ghostbar is sure to put some exhilaration in your night.

8.) Have Champagne Brunch at The Wynn.

Forget that has-been Bellagio. The Wynn Champagne Brunch is the place to be. From a less chaotic setup, to clean, and beautiful presentation stations, Wynn should be ranked #1 on your list. If you like champagne, definitely get the option, as your server is more than happy to fill you up– time and time again. We were even given “to-go” coffee cups full of bubbly to take on our walk back. Heaven!

7.) Rent a Car.

I know it sounds crazy AND can be a bit of a pain in the butt, however, if you have more than 2 days and want to explore a little further, renting a car is definitely the way to go. (Check back on my old post of Vegas deals on how we even ended up getting the rental car for free!) Once you are in your G ride, the majority of the hotels offer free parking, including valet, and then you can head off to Freemont Street, golf somewhere other than the outrageously priced Wynn or Bali Hai, and save your money for gambling rather than taxis.

6.) Bear really is the Best

Well I am sure there are others that are even better, but for the twilight time and the cost, Bear’s Best Golf Course is a must. Opened in 2001 and set among the foothills of Vegas, Jack Nicklaus and his design team built an 18 hole course replicating some of the most known holes around the world. At any given time, you can be in a desert setting and then suddenly have pine trees among your route.

5.) See the Circus.

Well maybe not the circus as in Ringling Brothers– more along the lines of Cirque du Soliel. If you’ve ever seen one, you know just how amazing they can be. The music, costumes and acrobats are jaw-dropping. Our last one was to see Elvis, which was great! But really, you can’t go wrong with “O”, KA, Mystere or any of the others.

4.) Sing us a Song, You’re the Piano Man.

Salute Lounge. Palazzo. Outside Jersey Boys Theater. Amazing. It’s old school Vegas with a hip and current flare. Think pizzazz meets zebra print, meets Elton John, meets Howl at the Moon. As you can guess, I love it.

3.) Take a flying leap.

Off the Stratosphere. Yes, that is now one of the Vegas Thrill Rides. If you haven’t seen the video, check it out. Let’s just say there is no way I am going to do it, but D is all about it. We’re told the line can be up to 5 hours long and cost a bit over $100 per flier. Would you do it?

2.) Have a Tea Party.

The new Mandarin Oriental has a new tea room and the views are great! Situated on the 23rd floor, and away from the hustle and bustle of the strip, the Tea Room is an oasis of refinement. From cupcakes to loose leaf teas, the serenity of the Manadrian Tea Time is one not to be missed. The cost is approximately $40 per person, but is well worth it for the solace it provides. Maybe book this after your jump from the Stratosphere to calm your nerves!

1.) Try something you wouldn’t normally.

Whether it be a new food, burlesque show, or a stay at a different hotel, Vegas is for trying new things. It’s scensory overload. And chances are, you’ll like it. Just don’t try Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall for Prime Rib. It was an epic FAIL. I blame D on that one. : )

What are your Vegas musts? Or do you prefer to gamble in other cities? Leave me some love!

Happy Tuesday and Viva Las Vegas!

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