we’re hopping the pond.

It’s disturbing to say, but I’ve never been to Europe. I really don’t like to admit that. Since I think of myself as a sort of travel aficionado, I realize that statement alone is absurd. So, it’s lucky for D and I that we have two lovely friends who live outside of London in Henley, and have offered to host us for New Years Eve week. Score.

So why have I never been to Europe? Well, first of all, I’m really not a museum-y and history buff kind of girl. In fact, one of my childhood friends made fun of me a few years back saying all I ever did was hit up beaches. YEAH. AND? Second, I’ve never really known a lot about it… where are the best places to go, what are the most exciting things to do…  can I handle at least a 9 hour flight? And last but certainly not least, now that I’m on my own and have the funds to go, I am lacking in the paid vacation department. Not cool.

So where are the must see places in London? Did I mention that we’re also going to make a pop over to Dublin for actual New Years Eve? I don’t know a lot about either place, but I’m excited to start researching. I’m thinking London Eye, Harrod’s, Big Bend, Guinness… beyond that, where do we go?

What are your thoughts on 1 perfect week in London and Dublin?

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