i’m coming home to aggieland.

Not all great trips have to begin on a plane– nor do you need to spend the night in a faraway place.

This weekend, I strong-armed the boys into going to the Texas A&M vs. OSU football came in College Station. Yes, I actually had to CONVINCE them to go… wtf?? We bought our tickets on Thursday night for the Saturday game via Stubhub.com and ended up with some great seats. Even though the Ags lost the game, being in Aggieland made me oh-so nostalgic.

What I didn’t expect is to feel so happy and proud of my school and the little oasis that is College Station, Texas. As soon as we exited Texas Avenue from Highway 6, I felt at home… and the tears started. Thankfully they were  happy tears and strategically hidden behind my aviators.

I can remember the stress from the exams like it was yesterday… the feeling of the September heat on your shoulders as you lugged the $450 dollar text book to your Sociology class. The endless rushing to beat the train so you could get across to West Campus and be on time at the Bush School. Considering I graduated almost 5 years ago is unimaginable. I can remember longing to have a career and good paycheck and to be able to sit on the Alumni side for football games. Where has the time gone?

The town was exactly the same– just better, if that is even possible.  New facades on old staples graced Texas Ave., while beautiful new structures on campus added to the A&M skyline; buildings I never knew were being built, muchless open and functioning. And when the heck did they get a Spec’s?? Seriously, you current Ags are lucky you don’t have to deal with just JJ’s!

Sitting on the back -porch of the Chicken and walking through campus, I saw myself 8 years ago.  I wish someone had told me how special that place is. Honestly, they probably did but, I didn’t realize the extent. I knew then that I was part of something special and larger than myself, but I didn’t realize my years at Texas A&M would be some of the best years of my life.

I know not everyone has the same emotions I experienced this weekend when they think of Aggieland. To each his own. What I do know is that to me, this school, town and the people are my true home. I feel happier, safer, and more proud there than anywhere else in the world.

To the students at Texas A&M— freshman, grad students and everywhere in between, stop and look around. Yes, you have exams looming, no money, you’re missing a friend/family member, whomever. These moments you’re in are some of the best life has to offer. Be thankful for them, because before you know it, you’ll only be in Aggieland at most a few times a year. Dinners, drinks, parking and life in general  is more expensive. Savor it. It will come to an end and you’ll miss it.

I cannot thank my amazing mom enough for the sacrifices she made for me to have a wonderful college career. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her, nor would I have the overwhelming sense of happiness and goosebumps when the beginning of the War Hymn sounds.

So, here is my weekend in pictures. Aggieland, I’m coming home…

After 2 years of saving up their bottle caps…

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Meg Hansen says:

    LOVE this post Jaime!!!! It is the best place in the world!!!

  2. Michelle Z says:

    DITTO! and gig’em!

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