christmas at the brochu’s.

Christmas is certainly one of my favorite times of year. December is one of the few months that Houston has temperatures cool enough to wear a scarf! Between the parties, friends, family and beautifully wrapped packages, Christmas is a blast.

The one tradition that D and I started almost a decade ago involves our Christmas tree ornaments, and I love it the most of all.

I grew up with a friend whose parents and family traveled all the time. Cruises through Europe, family vacations to the Caribbean… Moscow, China… you get the picture. Every year around the holidays, his mom would put up their Christmas tree and don it with beauitful ornaments that were picked up in exotic locales around the world. I was in love. Their tree was filled with history, stories and happy memories. I had to have it.

Thanks to The Heiman’s and their very special tree, I decided I would one day create a Christmas tree with ornaments from all of my trip locations. And here D and I are, almost to our 10 year anniversary of being together… and we do indeed have our own special tree.

Every year, D and I unwrap our box of travel ornaments with extra care and love, reminiscing through each location; each special memory. While our tree isn’t picturesque like some you see in beautifully decorated shops or in chic hotels, it is filled with love and good times… just like I always witnessed on The Heiman’s travel tree. It is special and uniquely ours.

What are your special holiday traditions?

Merry Christmas and Happy Monday.

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