viva las…

Yes, you guessed it. We’re going to Vegas. AGAIN. But this time is a little different than our traditional pilgrimage. You see, I have this friend. Her name is Lise.

Lise and I grew up together in the same neighborhood, same schools, and were proud members of the Briar Flyers swim team. I’m fairly certain we can still sing the swim team song in unison…

Now, I  know she is going to kill me for posting these throw-back pictures, however, they’re part of the story telling process. So here we go. Growing up, your friends are so important to you. A girls teen years are made up of who she hangs out with, what is happening this weekend and who’s “going out” with whom. I experienced all this with this girl name Lise.

She’s the oldest child of 7, and I can remember years ago, amid the excitement of a busy house hold, slumber parties in the backyard fort, lake trips to Somerville, oogling Midshipmen at the Naval Academy and I’m told of a parakeet in the freezer story which I must have blocked from memory. Either way, growing up with her family was a treat.

But even more more importantly, I’m lucky enough to call her a friend as an adult. I’ve watched her get married, have two beautiful boys, and finally, graduate from college. She worked, studied, drove miles upon end back and forth with her hubby, all to gain what they had set out for years before: a degree. And in December she accomplished it.

I have to say, Lise is an inspiration to me and should be to all of us. There are so many college students that forget why they’re at school. Heck, it was hard enough for me to get up and walk to class, muchless drive 100 miles roundtrip to school! I am certain I would have quit a million times, but she didn’t. Lise and Bentley have well-mannered, amazing kids, full-time jobs, a great social life, and somehow are able to juggle everything perfectly.

So, since Lise had never been to Vegas, D and I got together with her wonderful hubby (who is also graduating in May *shout-out Bentley!*) and gave her a surprise trip to Las Vegas for graduation.

Bottomline– I’m hoping we all come back with our appendages.

So this trip is not only special, but it is well-deserved. Congratulations, Lise! I’m excited to celebrate you this weekend!


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  1. Lise Chisholm says:

    Thanks for making me cry at work!

    I love you.
    Truly I do.

    You and Dan have been such a great support system for both Bentley and I. And Lord knows that we’ve needed it in this crazy journey. But there is no one else I would rather moan and complain to over a huge glass of wine , or escape all my worries and frusterations with, than you and Dan. But this time there are not worries or frusterations, or homework!!!!!!! Just celebrations!!!!!!!!!!! Celebrations of decade long friendships, and finally finishing.

    Thank you for the suppost, encouragement, and the shoulder when I needed it most.


    (Oh and watch your back, I’m going to get revenge for those horrific pictures.) Smooch.

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