24 hours in london.

I don’t know how we ended up with only 24 hours in one of the most famous cities in the world. I guess we had too much fun everywhere else, and that is what we were left with. Either way, D and I made the best of our time in London with our new friends, Justin and Xenia.

We arrived in London around 11am and checked into our boutique hotel, The Beaufort, a charming, row-house style hotel just steps away from Harrods. The Beaufort offered an open bar, afternoon tea service and full English breakfast to it’s guests. The rooms were small, but clean and well appointed, as was the lobby.

We met up with Justin and Xenia at the Veuve Champagne Bar in Harrods. It. Was. Heaven. The beautiful shade of Veuve orange beckoned me past the rows of chic clothing and accessories. Harrods is simply the most amazing department store on the planet. Boasting multiple levels, all the major designers, and glamorous vignettes for restaurants on the main level, I could have spent an eternity and ALL of my credit limit in that store. And yes, I definitely NEEDED the rose petal jelly with glitter. 

After our foursome finished our expensive delicious Dim Sum lunch at Harrods, we headed off to see as many of the main landmarks as possible. An easy walk, we fit in Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the stereotypical phone booth pictures, and The London Eye.

And of course, the path and directions got a little confusing along the way…

While the weather was not cooperating, the sites were gorgeous nonetheless. We braved the rain and wind and trudged forward like it was a beautifully sunny day. Our evening ended with hot mulled wine, apple cider and english meat pies at a local pub.

For those who’ve never been to London, I compare it to a mix between New York City and Washington, D.C. You get the hustle and bustle of the big city, while the architecture yields shorter buildings with a much more historical feel.

All in all, I wish we would have had more time in London…. and so do my feet. However, don’t let a short amount of time stop you from traveling to this great city. Just make sure you’re prepared to return at a later date!

And if you want a little more detail on things to see in London, check out my guest blogger, Chelsea’s past post.


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    Beautiful photos!

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