facebook is your friend.

I love Facebook. Not only because you can keep up with old and new friends, but also for the travel deals and restaurant specials. And no, to my weary readers, Facebook is not the devil and going to ruin us all.

Vegas is a perfect example of how social media can work in your favor. A quick click of the “like” button will get you access to all of the happenings at The Aria in Vegas and many other properties. Everything from concert bookings, to room promo codes to the newest mixology recipes, all in one quick locale. Think of it as public relations on crack.

We were even able to plan New Years Eve in Dublin from afar thanks to The Morgan Hotel’s facebook page with NYE festivities information.

Another helpful resource is “liking”  or “following” your favorite hometown and vacation restaurants. Almost all the pages provide great information, whether it’s last minute Chef’s Table openings at Brennan’s to Give-a-ways at Del Frisco’s.

Also, make sure you enter all of the social media contests– I’m the elated winner of Brenner’s on the Bayou Wine Revolution VIP contest. A simple wine haiku and I received a VIP pass to the event worth $125 bucks. Check out the details here. A few months back, I submitted a picture of D and I as a “Power Couple” and won $200 to Del Frisco’s Steakhouse here in Houston.

and here’s the winning photograph…

Even if you aren’t in vacation mode, social media can really help make your hometown feel like an exotic locale just by being in the know. Allowing your fave restaurants, hotels, museums, etc. access to your news feed will give you an insiders access to special events, usually at reduced prices.

So, search your favorite places on Twitter, Facebook, and everywhere in between. Your next Tuesday doesn’t have to be so bland with a little help from social media.

AND in the spirit of social media, make sure you visit Sunscreen Required’s Facebook page and like it! I’ll start sharing all of my favorite locations, restaurants and happenings I see on social media!

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