rodeo houston.

Why would someone vacation in Houston? I mean seriously, have you seen the size of our mosquitos? Freakin’ Pterodactyls– I kid you not.

I realized last week when talking to a few colleagues, that I take one of Houston’s greatest events for granted:The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Every March, cowboys and cowgirls from around the globe make their way to our hot and humid city for 3 straight weeks of ropin’, dancin’, bull ridin’ and singin’ their little hearts out.

So tonight, D and I are headed out to see Blake Shelton and take in all that is the Houston Rodeo. I’ll try and look at it from a newbies’ perspective and also tell you some of my favorite places along with secrects of the trade.

Check back tomorrow for pictures, stories and ultimately indigestion from afar.


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