I went back and forth with what weekend we should go to the Napa Valley this year for harvest season. In the midst of all the pondering, Sue got an email from Fisher Vineyards about their Traverse the Terroir party AND an even bigger draw: A dinner with Casey Thompson from Top Chef.

Two parties in one weekend? Yes, please.


So D and I booked out flights and headed out to The Valley with Sue and our bestie, Stephen.

Here are some pictures from the Fisher parties. The dinner with Casey was most certainly one of the best evenings of our life.

Traverse the Terroir:

Drinking Whitney’s wine, in Whitney Vineyard with the winemaker, Whitney…And after quite a hike up the mountain side, we made it to the stunning Terrace.

The Chef was preparing duck tacos.


And some fresh shucked oysters…

The following night was the most beautiful dinner on the Terrace high above the valley. Casey and her team did a phenomenal job pairing impeccably prepared food with some of the best wine to ever touch my lips.

We started with passed hor d’oeuvres and one of my favorites, Schramsberg Sparkling Wine.

And then we moved over by the house for a little impromptu photo shoot…

and a bit of spying on Casey as she cooked…

After we stopped stalking the poor girl, we headed up the hill for a one of a kind view, meal and wine.

And then the food and wine started with a little intro from Juelle, Whitney, and Rob.

And not only was the wine absolute perfection, there was wine older than I am.

It was truly a night to remember. D, Sue, Stephen and I all felt like an extension of the Fisher Family that night. I asked Juelle if I could come to their Thanksgiving  Dinner– I’m thinking it’s even better than last weekend— so we’ll see about that invitation!! :)

Anyway, if you ever have the opportunity to go to any event, tasting or even just the chance to purchase Fisher Vineyards wine, I highly recommend it. The family’s love, time and passion shines through in every bottle and certainly in each of them.


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  1. Betty says:

    Beautiful pictures as always. Loved the Akita.

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