unlimited booze cruise?

This morning Carnival Cruises unveiled it’s all-you-can-drink package on their ship, Carnival Victory. This is a test program similar to their counterparts, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity.

How it works:

  • Pay almost $50 a day for unlimited beverages under $10.
  • All guests in the same cabin must participate
  • 15% gratuity applies
  • Must be 21 years or older

Seeing as D and I just got off a booze included cruise, I’m excited to hear about this latest addition to the mainstream cruise lines. While the already inclusive luxury ships hardly take a beating in the alcohol department (thanks to their over-the-hill following), I’m thinking the younger demographic associated with Carnival will certainly get their money’s worth.

While cruises offer “thinkless” travel, they have yet to truly compete with the All-Inclusive destinations, which have been offering alcohol to travelers for years.

So, for a standard 7-day cruise, your bar bill would be approximately $350. That’s a steal for any tasty-beverage-sipper.

My guess is this package will create a lot more moments like these for Carnival and Royal Caribbean guests…

What are your thoughts? Would you purchase this package for your cruise?

Read more about Carnival and their option here.

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  1. Justin says:

    What took them so long. Sign me up!

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