i’ve been away.

Not necessarily away physically, just mentally. Work has been CRAZY. And we’ve been doing a little traveling– nowhere new, just the same ‘ole staples. New Orleans for a Bachelorette party. Vegas with my favorite group of party people. Entertaining out of town friends in Houston, and ultimately, forcing ourselves to try new places in our own city that are out of our norm.

So, I’m starting my comeback with our Vegas recap. You may remember our friends Justin and Xenia– see our trips in London and Napa— we adore them.

Justin’s birthday was quickly approaching, and we decided a little debauchery was in order. Vegas is the only way to go. So we booked our flights and headed out for some birthday weekend fun.

After a little incident in the airport terminal where my shoes failed me–

let’s just say legs were flailing and it ended with me on the ground and eventually taking a bow for 500 of my closest friends– it was time for airplane happy hour.

Once we all made it to Vegas, D and I had a few surprises in order…

Xen looks a little excited about the champagne…

And then, FINALLY, I got my pictures with the Vegas sign… AND a special someone.

SAAD!! Our friend from across the pond– or as he says, “a citizen of the world,” was in Houston for work the week preceding our Vegas trip (talk about good timing!!!). Over wine and dinner, we convinced him to bite the bullet and come with us. He booked his flight and we devised a plan to surprise The Morgans at the Vegas sign– and it worked!

The rest of the weekend went a little something like this. I’ll refrain from commenting on exactly what happened in the remainder of these images and let your imagination run wild. The old adage, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” will certainly apply. Enjoy!

The end.

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  1. marina kisseleva says:

    I so glad for you guys, we are have fun time all friends together.

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