yeah, mon.

Honestly, I’ve hated Jamaica for about the last decade. Every time someone brought up their amazing vacation there, I would politely nod and think, “no freaking way am I going there.”

My disdain for the island nation was not out of snobbery– at least not exactly. It was merely based on the fact that I had only been to the beach paradise via cruise ship. There is nothing quite as sad as a stunning beach and turquoise water completely surrounded by barbed-wire. Couple that with the constant advances, “do you wanna smoke, mon?”  and it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Enter, Justin and Xenia.

DSC_0469You may remember them– our travel besties which have helped kill our livers and our savings account over the last year. 

Anywho, they adore Jamaica and go multiple times a year. Considering we seemingly like mostly the same things in our travel regimen, I decided to give Jamaica a try. So New Years Eve 2013 in Jamaica became a reality.




We booked Couples Negril and were thrilled with the ease of the quick vacation. While J & X still love their Jamaica Inn in Ocho Rios even more, we were all happy with the price, accomodations and beautiful beach. Not to mention, Couples New Years Eve party was wonderful. 

I am now a true believer in Jamaica. Would I give up our Tahitian vacations to go to Jamaica? No. But will I now recommend the beautiful island and consider traveling there for long weekends? Yeah, mon.

Happy Travels.

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