the caribbean in pictures.

I haven’t yet decided how I am going to break down each thing we did to give you the low down, so I decided to just post some of my favorite pictures for now. Next week I’ll work on each island and excursion independently.

So for now, enjoy the pictures!

Happy Friday!


DSC_0266a DSC_0349a DSC_0336a DSC_0258a

DSC_0346a DSC_0305a dsc_0303a DSC_0276a


DSC_0458a IMG_5676 DSC_0444a DSC_0439a DSC_0382a DSC_0484a DSC_0007


DSC_0762a DSC_0735a DSC_0757a DSC_0721a DSC_0720a DSC_0715a DSC_0714a DSC_0673a DSC_0659a DSC_0649a


DSC_0690 DSC_0625a DSC_0609a

IMG_5771 DSC_0596a DSC_0603a DSC_0593a DSC_0585a DSC_0568a DSC_0560a DSC_0159a DSC_0714aDSC_0029a



IMG_5748 DSC_0803a DSC_0795aIMG_5802 IMG_5794 DSC_0852 DSC_0710aIMG_5857 IMG_5856

IMG_5939 IMG_5848 IMG_5833 IMG_5824IMG_5858DSC_0877IMG_5896 DSC_0996 DSC_0012 DSC_0033a

DSC_0028a DSC_0032a

DSC_0015a IMG_5931 IMG_5918 IMG_5916 IMG_5932 DSC_0147a DSC_0135a DSC_0098a DSC_0101a DSC_0119a DSC_0083aDSC_0088aDSC_0081a DSC_0077a DSC_0072a DSC_0147a DSC_0148a DSC_0153a DSC_0157a
The end.

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