the forlorn flier.

Thankfully those days are gone.

When D and I first got married, I loathed flying.


Not enough to stop me from traveling– just enough to make me dread it. And then D moved to Virginia for the Marines.


I spent many afternoons at Bush and Reagan airports with loads of anxiety and nervous energy. And then I realized a Bloody Mary (or 3) would really help. My friend Stephen used to say how he loved turbulence and always thought of it as a roller coaster. Umm, No. 

Long story short, I’ve come a long way. No more death grips at takeoff. Almost no despair at the occasional turbulence. 

So to think I just booked the Lufthansa A 380-800 for almost 17 hours of travel is incredible. I’ve come a long way! Check out this gorgeous double-decker plane which flies from IAH to Frankfurt. How could someone not enjoy a flight on this behemoth?


I did a bit of Googling to see what I was getting myself into; seems like a potentially great experience. Here are the more-than-helpful blogs that helped make my decision.

Have you been on the A380-800? I want to hear all about it. :) Leave me a comment or feel free to contact me. I’m guessing our experience may be a little different than the United Business Class we did from London to Houston last year. Read more about that here. 


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