This charming seaside town stole my heart. After a quick weekend trip to Punta Mita about 3 years ago, we were recommended a little shopping day trip to Sayulita. We instantly fell in love with the laid back Mexican culture, top-notch margaritas, and oh-so-fresh fish tacos served by the beach. Oh and the colorful balls!

An easy 30-45 minute drive from Puerto Vallarta or Punta Mita, Sayulita is a colorful seaside surfers paradise.

We’ve been following the adorable Don Bonito Hotel in Sayulita for a while on Instagram. The chic, affordable, new digs blend some of my favorite styles; mid-century modern with a little Mexican flare. The 9-room hotel opened a few months ago, and honestly was the first hotel we considered for our weekend trip. The others were a bit too rustic for us, so Don Bonito seemed to be the perfect fit!

Boasting a pool, unique suites, and easy access to the beach, this boutique retreat is great for a weekend stay. The front desk staff is only there in the afternoon, so the hotel almost feels like your own home. A couple items to note if you’re interested in booking this stay:

  • The hotel does not take credit cards when booked directly with Don Bonito. They take Mexican pesos or USD, but the conversion to USD isn’t the best.
  • You can book and pay with credit card via AirBnB or
  • The website doesn’t do the best job showcasing what you’re getting with each room, as you book the actual room number you want.
  • You’ll likely want to rent Sayulita’s traditional mode of transportation– a golf cart– in order to make your way around town!
  • There is currently no restaurant or bar on the property, so be prepared to find your own food and drinks when you want them. They have plans to add this feature very soon.
  • Rooms Quatro and Cinco have very open bathroom plans. This means no doors what-so-ever to the toilet or shower. Make sure you’re VERY close to your roommate if you book these two suites! :)
  • The staff is super friendly, and very helpful, so if you need anything at all, they will help!

Getting to Sayulita:

We scheduled a car service pick-up from Riviera Golf Carts (yes, a little strange they also handle transfers, and NO they didn’t pick us up in a golf-cart!) with a cost of about $150USD for 5 people. Our driver met us just outside the airport, grabbed our bags while we grabbed a margarita, and had the A/C on high for our trek to the coast. He even stopped for us along the drive when we saw some local shops we couldn’t live without!

Once we arrived at Don Bonito, got checked-in and settled, Riviera Golf Carts delivered out golf cart straight to the hotel. It was an easy, and fun way to move around town. So many people use this mode of transportation around Sayulita, as car parking is very limited. We decided our golf cart needed some decor, so of course, pelotas were added immediately upon arrival.

Riviera Golf Carts was incredibly helpful during our entire stay in Sayulita, so I highly recommend them!


Oh, where to begin on this one? Basically everything is amazing. It’s VERY local, so be prepared. If you’re looking for something in particular, search through all the Instagram hashtags and you’ll find some incredible places for food, drinks, sunsets, and beyond. Some of our favorites:

  • La Rustica. When you need a break from abundant Mexican food offerings, stop off here for incredible pizza, pasta, salads, and beyond. This place gets super crowded at night, so plan for a little wait. It’s totally worth it!
  • The Anchor. Great for breakfast, as they have excellent coffee, fruit bowls, etc. This is a very small, hidden gem, just up from the main square.
  • Blue Corn Mama- Only serves breakfast, but this open air cafe is the perfect Mexican breakfast experience. Everything from fresh squeezed orange juice, to the “special breakfast burrito” con chorizo, this place is exceptional. They even have these beautiful little bowls of fresh pico de gallo on the table to accompany your meal. YUM!
  • Si Señor Punta Mita- if you’re interested in a little evening drive, Si Senor is top notch option! You can grab a taxi from the Sayulita town square and take a 30 minute drive to Punta Mita. This restaurant is a true Mexican experience, and has some of the best seafood around. Between watching the sunset with your toes in the sand, to having your server personally pour whatever amount of liquor in your cocktail while you watch table side, it really gets you in vacation mode. Make sure to grab the roaming mariachis for some mood music!

And some other favorites:

  • ChocoBanana
  • El Costeno
  • El Conejo

And last but certainly not least, the Shopping:

Be prepared to spend a small fortune. I know D and Sergi weren’t super thrilled with our shopping habits, but hey, that’s why we have jobs, right?! Expect to find all kinds of treasures, whether it’s all the colorful balls, fun bags, beautiful clothing… the list goes on. You’ll see beach vendors walking with straw bags that chains stores in the US carry for hundreds of dollars. And you can get that bag for $12 bucks! Just make sure to have pesos on hand, as you’ll definitely get the best deal.

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