Traveling During a Pandemic

What to expect when flying in our Covid-19 world.

Napa Valley Tips + Tricks

Happy Fall, Y’all! I mean really, with the cool, fresh air rolling into Houston (finally!) it makes me so excited for the upcoming holiday season! As a native Texan, I start craving fall around the end of August or early September. This typically means we do whatever we can to seek out that fall feeling….

The Marrakech Express

Reviews and Tips from our Moroccan Adventure. Explore our hotel, The Amanjena, favorite restaurants in the Medina and beyond.


The colorful, charming, seaside Mexican town of Sayulita is just what is needed for your next weekend getaway.


I know I’m going to get shit for this; I’m completely prepared. Raised in true southern fashion, if you can’t say somethin’ nice, don’t say nothin’ at all. I’ve waited to address our trip to Nashville, but couldn’t form the words in a nice way. So, I guess today is the day. A 2-hour flight from…

Bringing Food Home: french onion soup.

Except in France, it’s just called onion soup. It’s no secret we love to eat, so I always try to find a few regional specific recipes and bring them home to our dinner table. I knew when we were sitting in Nice, sipping Rosè and the most stunning bowl of cheesy soup arrived, that I…

The Maldives.

Every bit as exotic as the name sounds. I’ve been asked a hundred times why I picked this destination and more importantly, where the heck is it? So first, the back story. I LOVE Tahiti. Anyone who has read this blog for even one posting likely realizes this fact. Read about my love affair with…

Emirates Business.

Let’s talk airlines. Emirates. I’ve had this idea in my head that flying Emirates Business would be the travel equivalent of winning the lottery… or perhaps it was just that it would take winning the lottery to afford to fly Emirates Business. Until I got the calling email. The golden-ray-of-sunshine email from Emirates offering to…