Traveling During a Pandemic

What to expect when flying in our Covid-19 world.

Emirates Business.

Let’s talk airlines. Emirates. I’ve had this idea in my head that flying Emirates Business would be the travel equivalent of winning the lottery… or perhaps it was just that it would take winning the lottery to afford to fly Emirates Business. Until I got the calling email. The golden-ray-of-sunshine email from Emirates offering to…

Review: Turkish Airlines Business Class

Long haul=big pain. But it doesn’t have to be. When the word “Greece” came up, I knew come hell or high water I was going to be in Business Class. You may remember my review of United’s Business Class flight from London Heathrow to Houston which changed my long-haul world.  I did a lot of…

it’s a dream.

The Dreamliner. Chances are you’ve seen this plane in the news in not such a good fashion. Thankfully, this jet’s bad rap is quickly dissipating due to it being downright awesome. We booked the Dreamliner to Chicago a few weeks ago for a quick weekend trip to beat the heat in Houston. I know people…

the forlorn flier.

Thankfully those days are gone. When D and I first got married, I loathed flying. Not enough to stop me from traveling– just enough to make me dread it. And then D moved to Virginia for the Marines. Great.  I spent many afternoons at Bush and Reagan airports with loads of anxiety and nervous energy….