it’s a dream.

The Dreamliner.

Chances are you’ve seen this plane in the news in not such a good fashion. Thankfully, this jet’s bad rap is quickly dissipating due to it being downright awesome.

We booked the Dreamliner to Chicago a few weeks ago for a quick weekend trip to beat the heat in Houston. I know people who’ve flown this plane with United and experienced insanely long delays and various other issues. I was hesitant to book it, but have been dying to see what it’s all about. Since D and I weren’t on any specific timeline, I figured we could handle any unforeseen circumstances. (Sorry for the blurry pictures– I was trying to be a good boarder and move fast!)

IMG_7446 IMG_7308 IMG_7309The plane was spacious with tons of overhead storage. Each seat had its own screen with USB port to play movies/music from you own device or just act as a charger.


My favorite part were the dimming windows that no longer host those nasty shades. Instead of pulling the shade down, you had the option of 5 different dimming selections. The blue aura made the plane seem serene and immensely calm.

And take a look at the view of the wingspan. The wings seemingly curved up words and created a beautiful optical illusion.


IMG_7337 IMG_7353

On our return flight on the Dreamliner, we chimed in to help the “Continental” flight attendant make fun of the “United” flight attendant. She rewarded us with substantially goodies… :)


And a little celeb spotting is always possible on the plane. Hello, Marta Karolyi, US Gymnastics Coordinator!


Anyway, if you get a chance, book the Dreamliner just to enjoy the travel experience again!

Happy Travels!

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