So far, I have a love/hate relationship with this town.

Hate= Snow and frigid temperatures that humans shouldn’t necessarily live in.

Love= Everything else.

You may remember a while back, Chelsea did a guest post on her trip to Chicago (catch up on that post here). I was elated to go to such a beautiful city; architecturally stimulating, foodie heaven, waterfront property. What’s not to love? And then I went. In JANUARY. First mistake.

If your unfamiliar with my feelings on the “arctic tundra”, you can read it here.

Texas girls and blizzards just don’t mix– we’re like oil and water, unless of course there is a mountain, fur lined boots, loads of hot chocolate and one roaring fireplace. Then, we’re pals. Anyway, I’ve been dying to get back to the windy city for over a year now to truly get acquainted with her. So, we booked a last minute trip and headed out. ON THE UNITED DREAMLINER!! (That post will come later)

IMG_7353 IMG_7347

The flowers were in bloom and the temperatures were in the 60s. It was a true relief to be out of the Houston humidity even for 48 hours. aDSC_0686 aDSC_0675 aDSC_0768 aDSC_0647 aDSC_0764D and I walked a lot, and saw the Bean, the Magnificent Mile, Navy Pier, ran the lakefront and just enjoyed strolling through such a beautiful city. aDSC_0692 aaDSC_0734 aDSC_0763 aDSC_0760 aDSC_0750 aDSC_0743 aDSC_0663aDSC_0670I’ve been dying to go to RPM Italian since I’m such a big fan of Guiliana and Bill Rancic, so 3 weeks ago I made a reservation for TEN PM. That’s the only time I could get. Seriously?? As fate would have it, we were meant to be there at that time, because low and behold, my man crush Bill Rancic was sitting behind us. SUCCESS!!!

IMG_7429IMG_7433 IMG_7431IMG_7442 I casually asked our server how often G & B came in and he laughed and said, “He’s here right now.” After 30 seconds of  “No. No. Stop lying to me,” I quickly grabbed my lipstick and camera and went running. Even though the picture is blurry, you can see just how beautiful Mr. Rancic is. Gah. I die.


Anyway, on to the Instagram and iPhone pics…

IMG_7361 IMG_7378 IMG_7399 IMG_7407 IMG_7421 IMG_7424 IMG_7425 IMG_7426 DSC_0780 DSC_0794


HotelAloft City Center. If you’re looking for something affordable, conveniently located and clean, this is the spot. Nothing fancy, but friendly service, great on-site restaurant and walking distance to everything.

Restaurants RPM (must get the stuffed squash blossums and Mama Depandi’s Bucatini), Shanghai Terrace for Dim Sum and drinks at Sable Kitchen. If you’re wanting an authentic Chicago dog, without a doubt, Portillo’s.

Pizza– Was and still is the one and only, Lou Malnati’s. Just be prepared to wait if you’re going for dinner.

Activities– Must see the bean, take a picture with the Chicago sign, do a boat tour and go to the top of the Hancock building. Also, Navy Pier in the summer months and if you enjoy running, DEFINITELY run the lake front. It’s just beautiful.

Anyway, it was a great and easy trip!

Happy Travel! :)

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